A game-changing program

fostering elementary STEAM education.

FuturePLAY is a sustainable and scalable educational program aimed at fostering and increasing digital and STEAM literacy in grades 4 to 7 students. We are supporting our elementary students by providing all resources needed to engage and participate in fun, well-crafted STEAM experiences that build critical employability skills, leadership, and confidence. We have served 12  of our most vulnerable elementary schools so far and aiming to serve 12 more in the Vancouver District, impacting between 6,000-8,000 students and around 200 teachers.

FuturePLAY is providing:

Solving Social Issues @ Henderson Elementary
Solving Social Issues @ Henderson Elementary

Circuit making at University Hill
Circuit making at University Hill

Coding @ Moberly Elementary
Coding @ Moberly Elementary

Solving Social Issues @ Henderson Elementary
Solving Social Issues @ Henderson Elementary


Technology:  Tablets, laptops, projectors and tech carts

Flexible modular furniture

Makerspace tools and supplies 

Supporting STEAM Professional development opportunities for teachers


Our world is changing fast. By 2037 there will be more jobs in technology than the industry's local talent can support. Necessary skills in technology are not limited to specialized knowledge like coding. They also require fundamental disciplines like art, design, and science, as well as critical thinking, strong communication, problem-solving, teamwork, decision making, resilience, and others. We know that foundational skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art (STEAM) will help prepare youth for any career path they choose to pursue.

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